Dirty Foot Lover

our dirty feet firls recomend using firefox
for those with a foot fetish for dirty feet & soles

Hi There! Dirty Female Feet Lover!

This is the brand new website dedicated entirely to females with Dirty Bare Feet!

Here you can register for FREE! and chat with others with a fetish for filthy, asphalt stained female soles.

The purpose of this site is to get more original dirty feet content online in a place where it will be appreciated. Here you can upload both images & videos that you feel appropriate to the site. Maybe your wife/girlfriends go barefoot & you would like to show the rest of us. If you have been lucky enough to capture some content of a girl with dirty feet, send it in. If you have found some content on teh internet that is worthy of sharing, here you can. Or if you are a female who enjoys going barefoot and would like to share some pics/vids of your feet after a barefoot outing, you are more than welcome to do so on this site

Regular uploaders to Youtube, Flickr, Foot Fetish forums can upload their content here without the risk of getting negative comments

So - Please join me in my quest to share as much dirty feet content that we can.

Please Note - This site is for unowned content and any uploaded content that is owned by paysites will be removed. The aim of this site is to share original content made by its members. Please keep that in mind

If you are a model or the owner of a paysite & would like to post content, there are going to be 2 special areas for you to do so, please contact me for further details.

I will keep you updated & let you all know when the site is activated. I hope you will all register.

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